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We breed and raise Large Black and Berkshire pigs.

We are interested in raising rare breeds, such as these, for their excellent flavour and succulence, and helping preserve these heritage breeds for the future.

Our pigs free range and live as nature intended, unrestricted to play, sleep, graze and wallow. 

We believe that happy, healthy pigs provide the tastiest and healthiest meat for our table.

We implement chemical-free pasture and stock management, relying on inputs which balance the soil.  Healthy soil is balanced soil, and grows the best fodder for our pigs.  We utilise lime minerals, seaweed brew and worm juice for optimum production.  Our pasture management, and pigs' diets are based on Pat Coleby's techniques and specifications

We believe in respecting our animals from paddock to plate.  Our pigs' welfare, and the end product, delicious, succulent pork, are our primary focus.